Due Diligence Report Options

Our Due Diligence reports are designed to provide the proper guidance at the proper time. Choose a report option below to learn more.

Pre-Offer Website Assessment and Valuation Report

he Pre-Offer assessment report is designed to give you all the information you need before making a decision to bid or to sign an LOI committing you to the purchase of a web-based business. This assessment sets the highest standard in web-based business analysis. Each report gives you a thorough breakdown of the website and the business behind it. We also provide a professional valuation as part of the analysis.

Pre-Offer assessments are ideal for more established businesses that are sold privately or through a broker. The information contained in the analysis will not only warn you about potential problems, but the valuation will help with putting forward an offer that makes financial sense.

Live Revenue, Traffic, and Operations Verification Report

Our Live Verification report is designed to be used after you’ve completed your auction or signed an LOI, once you’ve entered the due diligence phase. When you sign an agreement or win an auction for your potential purchase, you do so assuming the information you have been supplied is correct. Unfortunately, it often isn’t with over 40% of website buyers discovering inaccurate or misrepresented information after they’ve made their purchase.

Our Live Verification service works directly with the seller to ensure the financial and analytical data they have supplied is correct and accurate.

Premium Due Diligence Package

Designed for buyers of six or seven figure online businesses who are looking for our most comprehensive due diligence report combined with live guidance from a dedicated Centurica Advisor. The Centurica team will be by your side every step of the way to ensure a smooth, safe transaction.

Not only do we evaluate risk, we also help you evaluate potential growth opportunities. With our Deal Closing Failure Protection, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that even if your current deal falls apart, your investment in our services is secure because we’ll continue supporting you through as many potential deals as it takes for up to 6 months.

Compare Due Diligence Reports

Compare what's included in each report.
Feature Pre-Offer Assessment Live Verifications Premium Due Diligence
Business Valuation
On Site Checks
Traffic and Marketing Assessments
Revenue and Monetization Checks
Operations and Maintenance Assessments
Information About the Seller
Domain and Server Assessments
Live Verification of Trailing 12 Months Revenue Up to 2 Accounts All
Expense Benchmark Assessment
Refund and Chargeback Verification
Tax Return Verification
Traffic Source Verification Standard Detailed
Mailing List Verification
Agreements Verification
Business Model Specific Due Diligence Standard Detailed
Live Seller Due Diligence Question and Answer Interview Detailed
Live Verify Previous 2 Calendar Years Revenue
Live Verify Top Expenses for Trailing 12 Months
Growth Opportunity Assessment
Dedicated Advisor Calls Before, During, and After Closing
Deal Closing Failure Protection 6 Months
Access to Peer Support Community 1 Year
Pricing $399 - Learn More $549 - Learn More Starting at $4,995

Other Services

If you simply want to talk to an Advisor about a potential deal, want to brainstorm growth opportunities, or need post-acquisition support, we have additional services to suit your needs.

Centurica Marketwatch

Centurica’s Marketwatch is a free tool that helps you search listings between $20,000 and $5 million USD across multiple sources without the headache or time wasted in doing it manually.

Quick Deal Review

Our Quick Deal Review is a low cost alternative or supplement to our main Pre-Offer Website Assessment. Get on a 15 minute live call to determine if a business being sold is worthy of further pursuit.

Get Live Advice

Want to know what our team would do in your situation? Now is your chance to find out. Get connected with one of the Centurica Advisors for live advice based on their extensive experience.