Premium Due Diligence Package

The most detailed and comprehensive due diligence service we offer combined with a dedicated Centurica advisor guiding you through a safe, smooth transaction.

  • Save Time – 200+ point outsourced due diligence process customized to the business model you’re acquiring.
  • Experienced Guide – You’ll have a Centurica Advisor by your side to help you acquire and takeover a stable business at a fair price.
  • Growth Assessment – Not only do we help you avoid risk, we also help you identify and realize growth opportunities.
  • Peace of Mind – Includes our Deal Closing Failure Protection which ensures that even if your first or second closings fail, we’ll stay with you until you complete a deal.

This package is designed for buyers of six or seven figure online businesses who value having our extensive experience on their side. To find out if this service is right for you, schedule a call to learn more.

What's Included and How It Works

Phase 1: The Search

Still haven’t found an online business you’re interested in? Trying to narrow down which one you want to pursue? Your Centurica Advisor will look over the listings you’re interested in and guide you down the best path for your situation.


  • Kickoff Call – We’ll help you get crystal clear on which types of deals have the potential to meet your long term goals in terms of ROI, lifestyle, and budget.
  • Quick Deal Reviews – 15 minute quick reviews of prospectus/listings as needed. We’ll provide an objective summary of key risks and a go/no go recommendation.

Phase 2: The Offer

When you find a potential deal, you need to move quickly and decisively. However, it can be challenging to not only determine the right price for a deal, but also to commit to a deal without fully understanding the risks and opportunities. That’s where we’ll help. We’ll ensure you fully understand the business, determine the proper deal structure, and help you avoid overpaying for the wrong business.


  • Q&A meeting with the Seller – Your Centurica Advisor will setup a conference call with you and the seller to gather the information needed to value the business.
  • Pre-offer risk assessment and valuation report – Designed to give you all the information you need before making a decision to bid or to sign a Letter of Intent.
  • Growth opportunity assessment – We’ll review the growth opportunities stated by the Seller or Broker and determine how feasible they are as well as look for opportunities they might have missed.
  • Pre-offer meeting – Speak to your Centurica Advisor about the assessment and determine the ideal price and terms to offer.
  • LOI Review – Non-legal representation assistance with the Letter of Intent with our in-house Mergers & Acquisitions attorney.
  • Expedited Service – We’ll move fast with your reports and meetings so you don’t miss out on a potential acquisition.

Phase 3: Due Diligence and Verification

You don’t know what you don’t know. If it’s peace of mind you’re looking for, don’t go it alone and miss hidden risks you didn’t know to check for. Outsource your due diligence to our experienced team. We treat your deal as if it were one we were buying ourselves including going through the same process we’d go through if we were investing our own money. Through our systematized approach to due diligence and years of experience across multiple types of online businesses, we’ll uncover the hidden risks the Brokers or Sellers often try to down play. In the end, you’ll know exactly what risks you’re taking on so you can move forward with a smooth, transparent transaction.


  • Detailed due diligence report – We’ll cover over 200 checklist items with our customized due diligence report. We cover areas specific to the business’ traffic sources, business model, operations and more.
  • Live financial verification report– We’ll verify the trailing twelve months plus the previous two calendar years of revenue and expenses. Our goal will be to recreate the provided profit and loss statement with live data direct from the source.
  • Seller Q&A call – Your Advisor will setup a conference call with you and the Seller to address detailed due diligence items which may have otherwise gone undiscovered.
  • Deal guidance meeting – Your Advisor will review our findings with you to help determine if you should walk away due to hidden risks, renegotiate price or terms, or continue forward with the purchase agreement.
  • Purchase Agreement Review – Non-legal representation assistance with the Purchase Agreement with our in-house Mergers & Acquisitions attorney.

Phase 4: Closing

It’s time to transfer money and receive access to your new business. This can be an exciting and scary time. We’ll be by your side to help prevent and address any unexpected transfer issues if they occur. A smooth closing helps ensure the business continues to perform at or above its current levels of profit.


  • Asset and liability transfer plan – We’ll write up a detailed plan on how the transfer of assets and liabilities will occur including planning for transferability issues.
  • Pre-escrow meeting – We’ll answer any final questions you may have before transferring funds to escrow.
  • Final due diligence and verifications – Often there are due diligence items which remain pending until escrow is funded and we’ll do our final checks before the transfer begins.
  • Account transfer meetings – We’ll be live by your side as the transfer of each account happens to avoid any transfer issues.
  • Operations manual review – It’s important to understand how to operate the business after closing so you don’t experience a drop in profits. That’s why we review all training and documentation provided by the seller to ensure it’s comprehensive enough for you to take over operations right away.
  • Verification of ownership change – We’ll confirm you are fully in control of each account before releasing escrow funds.

Phase 5: Operations Takeover

Now it’s time to focus on increasing the profits and value of your business. We’ll help you develop your game plan for the first year and connect you with the team and resources you need to implement your plan.


  • Opportunity discovery with Seller – Your Advisor will setup a conference call to brainstorm additional growth opportunities with the Seller.
  • Growth and risk reduction plan – We’ll help you prioritize the top growth and risk reduction opportunities discovered through all phases of the deal so you can improve the value of your new business from day one.
  • Rolodex – We’ll open up our rolodex of quality contractors and more to ensure you have the team and resources you need to implement your plan.

Additional Benefits and Pricing

1 Year Access to Peer Support Community

We believe surrounding yourself with successful, like-minded people can make a significant positive difference to your success. Enjoy one year access to our online community with hundreds of other online business buyers and business owners. We’ve also included a ticket to attend our live event in Las Vegas.

Deal Closing Failure Protection

Centurica believes our fee-only model keeps the best interest of our clients as the highest priority. Since we don’t earn a commission (unlike some buy-side brokers) we have no incentive for a deal to close and can remain objective with our guidance. However, we also recognize it would be quite challenging to invest in our services only to have a deal fall apart in due diligence. While you’ve just avoided acquiring a risky business, you didn’t get the result you’re after, which is a successfully acquired business.

That’s why we created our Deal Closing Failure Protection. With this protection, you’ll get access to our full suite of services for one deal at a time for up to 6 months until you close, even if your first few deals fail to close for any reason.


The Premium Due Diligence Package pricing starts at a flat fee of $4,995. We believe this is a small price to pay for the time savings, peace of mind, and discovery of business growth opportunities which consistently results from our systematized approach.