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Asking Price : $132,659

Annual Gross Revenue : $68,333

Annual Net Profit : $61,227

Profit Multiple : x2.17

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 163

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From the Broker

This listing is for an Amazon Merch business created in October 2016 in the apparel & accessories niche. The account is at the 2000 tier and has 1000+ live shirt designs. While this monetization is known for seasonality, this account has a nice mix of evergreen and seasonal designs, all of which were outsourced. This business has good year-on-year growth and requires low work hours from the Seller.

The business will soon be eligible for the 20,000 tier because it has sold 18,000+ shirts on Amazon Merch. Since the Seller only has around 1000 designs live, they have not yet had the opportunity to tier up. This is a potential avenue for growth for the Buyer to explore. The Seller is aware of copyright and trademark laws and has commercial licenses for all their designs. They also use a paid service to monitor trademarked phrases.

The Seller has a put a system in place to keep up with the large number of designs. A freelance research assistant sends prepared design worksheets to outsourced designers. When the designers deliver the designs back to the researcher, they upload the designs to Amazon. This allows the Seller to just monitor the process. The team knows about the sale and will continue with the new owner.
The account is also enabled for hoodies, sweatshirts, and PopSockets. Many of this business's successful designs could be uploaded to these other products. This process has slowly started and can be expanded by the Buyer. While no predictions can be made, the Seller is looking forward to their most successful Q4 because they have many proven designs with positive reviews that they didn't have last year.
* A small amount of revenue comes from the business's Teespring and Redbubble accounts. This has been included in the P&L.
Site Highlights
Average Monthly Revenue: $5,714
Average Monthly Expenses: $592
Average Monthly Net Profit: $5,122
* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.
Assets Included in Sale
Included in the sale of this business are:

All design files for shirts currently live
1000+ design elements/vector/clipart files with commercial licenses
100+ commercial fonts
100+ profitable niche list
Teespring account with 100+ designs
Redbubble account with 50+ designs
Accounts for business tools

Work/Skills Required
The Seller currently spends around 5-7 hours per week:

Monitoring the new listings
Monitoring the sales history
Giving instructions to research assistant
Doing research using business tools

Reason for Sale
The Seller wants to start a new design agency and dropshipping company so they need capital to get going.

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