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Asking Price : $732,646

Annual Gross Revenue : $1,830,390

Annual Net Profit : $313,991

Profit Multiple : x2.33

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 154

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From the Broker

This listing is for an ecommerce business created in February 2017 in the beauty & cosmetics niche. The Shopify site features skincare and cosmetics and has a complete process in place for global and US fulfillment. With almost 300K Facebook followers, an email list of over 300K that hasn't yet been monetized, VAs in place, this business requires low work hours of the Seller.

A few positive changes this business has made are worth noting. By shifting to US fulfillment (across 5 cities), the business cut down shipping time tremendously and increased customer satisfaction. Next, successfully transitioning to Korean products in the last quarter of 2017 has dramatically increased the quality compared to the previously primarily Chinese sourced products. Also worth noting, the business has previously done dropshipping with their partners, but have transitioned over to holding inventory with their shipping partners. They do, however, still use the dropshipping method when in the testing phase.

The traffic strategy for this business is primarily from paid and organic Facebook traffic. On top of the 300K Facebook followers is an Instagram with over 6K followers. Focusing on the latest fashion and beauty trends, with around 100 products on the site, the company also uses a warehouse in Singapore for global fulfillment. As mentioned, there is a large email list which is not currently monetized and is an opportunity for the Buyer to grow.

The Seller is happy to go above and beyond and provide a week of personal coaching for the Buyer as well as training videos to get up to speed. There are also 5 VAs from the Philippines responsible for handling customer service requests, sending orders to vendors, handling Paypal/Stripe disputes, performing product research and managing Facebook marketing campaigns budgets where required. Though they have not been informed of the sale, the Seller will give bonuses upon completion of the sale and it is likely that they will continue.

*Though the Seller has another business in the same general niche, it is not in competition with this business, as the products are drastically different.

Site Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $152,532

Average Monthly Expenses: $126,367

Average Monthly Net Profit: $26,166

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Assets Included in Sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Primary domain & all site content/files
  • Shopify account
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Contact of dedicated English Speaking Vendor
  • SOPs

Work/Skills Required

The Seller currently spends around 4-8 hours per week:

  • Checking on Facebook advertising performance
  • Paying suppliers/vendors once or twice a week
  • Paying VA salaries
  • Occasionally monitoring employees
  • Occasional management meetings
  • Occasionally offering assistance to the team in terms of paid traffic advice

Reason for Sale

The Seller wants to put all investments towards their new venture.

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Last Updated: Thu, Nov 22nd 2018

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