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Asking Price : $58,446

Annual Gross Revenue : $389,004

Annual Net Profit : $26,976

Profit Multiple : x2.17

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 163

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From the Broker

This listing is for a dropshipping business created in September 2016 in the kitchen & dining niche. The site sells a selection of appliances and accessories related to a popular beverage that are dropshipped to customers worldwide. In addition to the site’s storefront, there is also a small blog with content related to the niche which was written by the seller. This was started in hopes of brining in more organic traffic to the site.

The business relies on Google Text Ads and Google Product Listing Ads for a majority of its traffic, so there are many new avenues the future buyer can explore in order to increase traffic and sales. The seller’s full-time job has taken up their time, so they’ve been unable to grow the business by focusing traffic channels like content marketing, other forms of advertising, email marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing. This is a great opportunity for the new owner to take advantage of.

The business has used a dedicated business phone number since it is a ‘high ticket’ niche dropshipping business and some orders do come in over the phone. The seller doesn’t have the time to answer the phone during their full-time job, but follows up on the 2-3 voicemails per week as soon as they have a chance. 

Please note that during July 2017, the seller wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to the site and increased their adspend, hoping everything would be fine. Several sales were completely left on the table due to the seller not returning emails or phone calls, and that ultimately resulted in a loss. As you can see from the very next month (August 2017), the seller returned to putting in about 5 hours per week, and the net profit went back up to the range it was in prior to July 2017.

Also, please note that the “Returns” figures in the income screenshots (or the P&L given to active depositors) includes orders that were cancelled or were fraudulent. Fraudulent orders are still counted in sales, so have to be removed when detected. The business does have fraud prevention service to assist with this.

Site Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $32,417

Average Monthly Expenses: $30,169

Average Monthly Net Profit: $2,248

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Assets Inlcuded in Sale

Included in the sale of this business are the domain, full supplier list, list of additional suppliers, social media accounts (~600 followers across: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), and an email list with 470 emails.

Work/Skills Required

The day-to-day work duties include the following:

–  Forwarding new orders to drop ship suppliers (via email or on the supplier’s website). (Average of 3 days per week.)

–  Changing the expiration dates on coupon codes or other advertised offers. (Twice per week).

–  Reaching out to suppliers for inventory updates. (Once per week.)

–  Answering customer questions via email and phone. (Approximately 2-3 days per week.)

Reason for Sale

The seller was given an opportunity to work on a high profile political campaign, which requires their absolute undivided attention (over 70 hours per week). Ultimately, the seller decided that this new job opportunity is more important to their future career goals than keeping (and growing) this online business.

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First Seen: Mon, Oct 30th 2017

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 22nd 2017

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