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Asking Price : $127,784

Annual Gross Revenue : $345,552

Annual Net Profit : $52,872

Profit Multiple : x2.42

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 149

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From the Broker

This listing is for a dropshipping business created in April 2016 in the sports & outdoors niche. The site is built on the Shopify platform and sells over 370 products related to a popular outdoor sport. Products are dropshipped to customers around the world via 3 main suppliers in China. The business comes with social media accounts that have a total of over 73,500 followers and a segmented email list with over 13,000 subscribers.

The seller spends ~18 hours per week optimizing Facebook ads and promoting products and has used VAs to complete customer service, fulfillment, adding new products, graphic design, and social media. This is being reduced by putting more work on the VAs . The new owner may wish to continue using VAs or cover the work themselves.

There are four areas that the VAs cover:

  1. Customer Service – Full time (Answers all emails, messages on Facebook , comments on Facebook and live chat)
  2. Fulfillment and adding new products – Helps order new products and uploads the new products to the website. The VA for this position will not continue with the business. The seller will train a new VA for this position if the buyer decides to use a VA for fulfillment.
  3. Graphic Designer – Full time creating all the banners and ads for social media, the blog and newsletter.
  4. Social Media – Part time promoting on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This VA also writes for the blog and email newsletter.

When it comes to opportunities for growing this business and increasing profits, the seller suggests focusing on social media and pushing the products that have the highest profit margins. Since this business ships out of China, investing in ordering inventory to the US for fulfillment would cut down on shipping times and possibly increase sales.

** Please note: During Jan 2017, the business had a few proud orders and had to cancel those orders in Feb 2017, causing the sudden drop in earnings for that month. **

Site Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $28,796

Average Monthly Expenses: $24,390

Average Monthly Net Profit: $4,406

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Assets Inlcuded in Sale

Included in the sale of this business are the domain, social media accounts (73.5K+ followers across Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram), and email list with over 13,000 subscribers.

Work/Skills Required

The seller spends about 12-24 hours per week checking on Facebook ads and promoting new products. The seller has used VAs for customer service, fulfillment, adding new products, graphic design, and social media. Owner involvement is being reduced by transferring responsibility to VAs. Most of the employees are willing to continue working for the new owner if the buyer chooses.

Reason for Sale

The seller and their partner came to a disagreement about running the business and have decided to sell it.

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First Seen: Mon, Oct 23rd 2017

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 6th 2017

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