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Asking Price : $139,307

Annual Gross Revenue : $171,648

Annual Net Profit : $61,392

Profit Multiple : x2.27

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 157

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From the Broker

This listing is for an Amazon FBA, Merch By Amazon and ecommerce business created in June 2015 in the pets & outdoors niche that caters to a couple sub-niches. The Amazon Seller account included in the sale of this business features an FBA account with 15 active SKUs including variations and a Merch by Amazon account with 70 active designs (approved for 500 designs). There are 4 domains included — 3 domains point to 2 Shopify stores where the Amazon FBA products are also listed and the 4th domain points to a WordPress site that isn't actively maintained.

The seller currently receives all inventory to their home and does all the prep work. Mostly, this is just labeling the shipment and arranging a UPS pickup. Two products require a bit of prep work, while the other products are basically ready to go and get stored at the seller's home to save warehouse costs and for quality control. All of the suppliers in China are willing to do this to eliminate prep work if the new owner chooses. Only one of the products is sourced within the USA.

Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are included in the sale. For Facebook, there are 3 pages for the various sub-niches with 21K, 2.1K, and about 1K likes respectively. The Facebook pages are used for product launches or to post sales. They are a valuable resources that have netted one potential sponsorship in one of the sub-niches and added traffic to the listings.

There are also two email lists associated with the business with about 600 subscribers on one list and about 150 on the other. These lists are separated to cater to the sub-niches for the business.

It's also worth nothing that there is a pending trademark application that is about to go through that will be included in the sale.

Site Highlights

Assets Inlcuded in Sale

Included in the sale of this business are the four domains, social media accounts, Amazon Seller Account (includes the FBA account and a Merch by Amazon account with 70 active designs approved for 500 designs), two email lists, MailChimp account, and a pending trademark application.

Inventory is not normally included in the list price. Further details can be provided to active depositors.

Work/Skills Required

Day-to-day tasks include checking listings and answering any customer questions.

On a weekly basis, the seller spends time on the following:

  • Checking PPC and managing costs (about 1 hour)
  • Packing and shipping with some light prep work for some products (about 2 hours)
  • Researching and working with suppliers to add new products (a couple hours when needed)
  • Marketing and creating Facebook posts (about 1 hour)

Reason for Sale

The seller is looking to sell this business to fund a new physical business idea.

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