Website Transfers and Technical Audits

Downtime costs you money. We take the uncertainty away.

If you've ever purchased a website and handled the transfer yourself, you'll know that it can be a pretty problematic process and it's rarely a case of just unzipping source files and transferring a database.

Centurica's Technical Audit service helps you pre-empt over 90% of the most common technical problems known to occur during tranfer, by giving you a full breakdown of what you need to setup and have in place prior to even starting the transfer process. Our Website Transfer service takes away the uncertainty of knowing whether or not any unexpected glitches or technical issues will result in loss of income on your first few days of owning a new business.

Website Transfer and Technical Audit

A full Technical Audit (see Standalone Technical Audit details below) , plus full assistance with the transfer itself.

We offer two packages; Standard is ideal for more straightforward setups such as Wordpress, basic HTML sites or other similar CMS systems, whilst Advanced is ideal for more complex setups. Our technicians will be happy to advise you what's required for any specific site.


  • Domain Name Transfer (we liaise with the seller to initiate and manage the domain transfer process, setting up names servers and any custom DNS entries on the new server)
  • Full Database Backup and Transfer
  • Website Files Transfer
  • Wordpress Plugin & Configuration Setup
  • Configuration of Google Analytics
  • VPS / Hosting Account Configuration (cPanel only. Other software may incur further charges)


Everything included in Standard plus

  • Email Account Transfer
  • Full Assistance with the transfer of Accounts (includes liaising with the seller to organise a seamless transfer of all 3rd party accounts)
  • Custom Apache and PHP Module installation
  • Assistance with obtaining and setting up SSL certificates for secure HTTPS connection
  • Setup for Google Apps Hosted Mail
  • Speed and Performance Upgrades for WordPress sites
Order a Technical Audit with a Standard Transfer - $199 Order a Technical Audit with an Advanced Transfer - $499

Standalone Technical Audit

A comprehensive report containing the key details you need to know prior to transferring and setting up your new site. The report is presented in a way that is easy to follow regardless of whether or not you have a technical background, so you can simply act on the information provided, or forward the report onto your developer.

  • Programming language versions, configurations and custom modules that may have been installed.
  • Required Database sizes, configurations and versions
  • Minimum required hosting / server specifications and the software that you will need pre-installed
  • Automated Tasks and Helper Scripts that need to be run at a Server Level
  • Custom Apache Server Configurations and Modules Installed
  • Custom Monitoring and Analytic Services setup for the core of the site
  • Whether Email is hosted externally or if it needs to be setup on the host server
  • Custom DNS setups that need to be recreated (e.g. a subdomain like that points to an externally hosted blog account)

Once we've completed the audit, we send you a full report that details all of our findings as well as additional useful information like:

  • Whether it’s possible to switch hosting and server configurations to save money. We also make configuration recommendations to help increase reliability and to speed up page loading times
  • A list of non standard components that would need to be configured before transferring the site.
  • Potential problems based on our findings with a list of solutions and workarounds.
  • Suggested Performance Improvements and Advice. For example, whether your new server should be geographically located for SEO Purposes
Order a Standalone Technical Audit - $99