Website Lead Generation

Get Experience in your Corner

Buy-Side Lead Generation service is ideal for investors and entrepreneurs who want to acquire one or more web properties, but lack the contacts, time or expertise to find suitable leads.

Our experience and involvement in the industry gives us close contact with the majority of brokers, marketplaces and regular sellers. We can usually source opportunities not yet available to the general public in most niches and target sectors. Once we've found your ideal acquisition, we're also on hand to assist with the pre-sale process, negotiating and liaising with sellers on your behalf, to ensure you get the best deal possible.

How our Lead Generation process works

Step 1

Set the criteria for the properties that you would like to purchase

During a quick call with our analyst, we determine what type of websites or internet businesses are suitable for you based on your requirements, expertise and budget. This helps us clarify the search process and only supply you with leads that you will be happy to work with.

Step 2

Initial Lead Generation

We provide you with a number of leads that both match your criteria and pass our initial due diligence checks. These checks are performed on every lead we deliver and sites that fail our internal DD checks will neither be delivered, nor will the lead be charged for.

Step 3

Full Due Diligence and assistance with closing (Optional)

Whilst there's no obligation to receive further help, we'll be happy to perform Extended Due Diligence once you've chosen your acquisition. At this stage, we can also assist or represent you in your negotiations with the seller, resulting in a quick and seamless process managed by a professional.

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